Disclaimer ingles

Ibericash does not request money at any time to release any type of financial product, whether it be a credit card, financing, or loan. If this occurs, please contact us immediately.


We work to keep our information always up-to-date, which may differ from what is found on the websites and financial institutions or service providers of a specific site.

Regarding institutions with which we are not associated, all the products indicated on our site do not guarantee that the information is up-to-date.

Therefore, always read the terms of use and purchase of the financial entities you choose.


Our monetization comes through a small amount of advertising on our sites and our partners, when we refer a user who requests a product or a specific proposal.

All our publications are based on quantitative and qualitative evaluations of each product. Therefore, we highlight that our partners have a direct influence on the products that we write and review.

As we have several products on our site, we do not offer any type of guarantee and timeliness of the information of all these products, so we prioritize the information of our partners.