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If there are modifications to our conditions of use, we will post a new text with the updated revision date. Please note that we may modify the document at any time.

Important Information

Ibericash clarifies that it does not interfere in the processes related to the analysis and approval of credit for its clients or partners.

Therefore, the final decision to carry out an operation, grant credit, or offer is solely and exclusively yours, taking into account your own criteria and risk policy.

We do not send money for the release of financial products, whether financing, loans, or credit cards.

If you are requested to do so on our behalf, immediately contact our website using the information that has been transmitted.

We make it clear that we do not send emails to our users requesting data or registration information with executable attachments or download links.

We do not offer any type of financial or accounting advice, and the information contained on the website is for informational use only.

Furthermore, it should not be interpreted as an investment indication, and any decision in this regard is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the user.

Therefore, we do not guarantee the total accuracy, quality, and completeness of the information contained in the articles and, therefore, are not responsible for decisions based on the articles and the information on the site.

The user declares themselves responsible and aware that they must verify the information presented on the website before making any financial decision.


By accessing the Ibericash site, the user accepts the General Conditions of Use and the Privacy Policy of the site.

Likewise, the user declares they are over 18 years of age and expressly accepts the terms and conditions of use for all legal purposes.

If you do not fit the description above, or do not agree with the terms and conditions of use, do not use or access the services offered by Ibericash.

The use of this site implies adherence to these Conditions of Use, as well as the most current version of the Privacy Policy.

Responsibility of the Parties

Ibericash makes available to the user links and redirects the user to other sites where they can hire services or acquire products from companies without any interference on our part.

When you are directed to the website page of the advertised company, you must read carefully and accept the terms and conditions of use and the privacy policy of the advertised company.

We are not responsible for:

  • the conditions of use and the privacy policy of the advertised companies;
  • the information of the advertised services and products;
  • the services and products that can be offered or contracted with the advertised companies.

Additionally, we have no responsibility for viruses, malware, spyware, trojans, or any software that damages or alters the configuration of your equipment as a result of improper use of Internet browsing.

It is the user’s responsibility to use the Internet prudently to prevent malicious software from infecting their computer. We are not responsible for irregular use of the Ibericash site or for force majeure events.

Without prejudice to the other provisions of these conditions of use, the user agrees not to violate any third-party rights when using our site, not to use the site to monitor or harass third parties.

In addition, the user also commits not to engage in fraudulent, dishonest, or illegal activities when using the website and to respect the conditions established in these Conditions of Use, as well as current Spanish legislation.

Data and Privacy

By using the ibericash.es.br website, the transfer of personal data to Ibericash may occur. Therefore, you declare that you are aware of our Privacy Policy, as well as the current legislation.

Content and Intellectual Property

Ibericash owns the intellectual property rights of all the material contained in the site Ibericash.es.br, so the user may not:

  • reproduce;
  • duplicate;
  • copy;
  • sell;
  • rent;
  • sublease;
  • translate;
  • distribute the materials and content of the site.

It is also not allowed to create derivatives of content to display them on other sites, educational materials, and even training.

The use of iFrames to include content from this site elsewhere is expressly prohibited. However, we allow and encourage the sharing of links to site content.

The use of the site and the information it contains is restricted to personal and non-commercial use.

Sites and Services

Access to the site is not uninterrupted or error-free, so we cannot be responsible if any part of the site is unavailable.

In addition, both the site and its contents and functions can be modified or interrupted at any time by Ibericash without justification or prior notice.

We emphasize that it is not our responsibility if the system, the user’s equipment, or the Internet connection are insufficient for the use of the site.

Advertising on the Website

We strive to partner only with high-quality companies; however, we are not responsible for the products and services provided by the companies that advertise on our site or are recommended in the content.

We do not participate in any commercial commitment, exchange of personal data, or other forms of interaction between the user and the company that appears on our site, whether in advertising or mentioned in the content.

Modification of Terms and Conditions

We note that the General Conditions may be modified, supplemented, or replaced without prior notice.

When this occurs, the updated version will be available on this page along with the date of the last revision. Therefore, we encourage you to always be up to date.

If any significant change occurs in the Conditions of Use, we may notify the User, provided we have their contact information in our databases.

Validity Period and Termination of Conditions

The General Conditions of Use will have an indefinite validity, and any judicial or administrative claim arising from the use of Ibericash subject to these General Conditions must be proposed within 90 days.

Legislation and Jurisdiction of Choice

We emphasize that issues related to the interpretation, compliance, or any other matter related to the General Conditions of Use and the Privacy Policy, the parties agree and submit to the Tallinn Chamber of Commerce, Estonia, to resolve all and any doubts, questions, or conflicts.